The Music of Vincent Eoppolo

Vincent Eoppolo is really a special artist!
Let us discover his path with an author’s testimony:

Vincent Eoppolo
Wilmington, Delaware USA.

I began composing music when I was 13 years old and received formal music training till I was 19. I studied jazz and classical guitar as well as traditional theory, harmony and composition. I began experimenting with multiple tapes recorders in my early 20’s (circa 1982)
I purchased my first synthesizer and began building my first studio in 1984. I am totally self taught but owe a debt of gratitude to
American electro-acoustic composer,professor and co-developer of the Synclavier Jon Appleton. It was his book, The Development & Practice of Electronic Music
and his recordings that gave me the greatest inspiration.

I view my works as a synthesis of various sound art traditions including musique concrete, acousmatic music and radio art / radio theater.
I have always been inspired by the pioneers in these fields such as Luc Ferrari, Pierre Henry, Francis Dhomont and Orson Welles.
Additionally, I am also very much inspired by cinema and the works of directors such as Orson Welles, Antonioni, Pasolini and Kubrick
In most cases I am attempting to make my works cinematic. I am attempting to make sonic films.
In my work I strive to capture and present brief moments of the world we are living in. Society in the continuing process of realizing itself.
Our relationship with each other, with technology, our morality, spirituality, sexuality, our anxieties and fears. In many ways my works are like
sociological and psychological commentaries. I achieve this aspect of my work by spending hours on social media sites like YouTube searching
for the perfect audio source. I am using society’s actual commentary, society’s voice not mine. I only put it to music.

With respect to the technical aspects of my work, I’ve never had an allegiance to any particular school of thought, technology or compositional technique
as I’ve always utilized whatever tool I have access to. Currently, I am using a modular synthesis system largely made up of Verbos Electronics and Mutable Instruments modules. I also utilize my Buchla Music Easel, Yamaha S90 and Waldorf Microwave XTK. However, the cornerstone of my sonic foundation are the IOS applications from ApeSoft. IDensity, Stria, Sparkle and Ipulsaret are used in nearly every work I’ve created. They are amazing applications.

My recording process consists of recording all my audio in real time into to Logic. I do not use MIDI or sequencing software of any kind.
Like musique concrete composers of the past, I spend hours editing the raw sonic material into what you hear in the final work.

Thankfully, my work has been featured on Bernard Clarke’s program Nova on RTE’s Lyric FM, Phaune Radio from Montpellier, France as well as Radio Art International and Passeport International from CHOQ Radio in Montreal. My works will also be presented at the upcoming 2017 New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival
in June and July of 2017.