The Music of Joan Bages i Rubì

1 -How do you define your music (theories, influences, goals)

I’m composer, sound artist and pianist. My music and sound work covers the instrumental music, electroacoustic music, acousmatic music, sound-visual installations, visual music. I compose music, I perform electroacoustic music, I play piano and I also improvise music.

I think the music as an interaction between the work about sound morphologies, different approaches to write music, improvisation and technological devices (interactive Music System).

I call my music MUSIC OF CREATION: spectra morphologic composition formed by different layers of sound morphologies. All this layers works as an holophonic sound formed by diversity of morphologies.

I develop different approaches to write music:

    – Contemporary music.

    – Spectra morphologic composition

    – Sonorous Score

    – Compositions generated in real time
by an Interactive Music System

    – Graphic Scores

2 -Where do you come from musically?

My musicality comes from the sound. From the morphological characteristics of the sounds. I develop interactions between opposites morphologies.

3 -Present your new work :

« “Ib” (electroacoustic opera) ». And opera for ensemble, electronics, visuals with spatialization in 8 loudspeakers. The idea of the opera is to create a big setup but we have only 1 actor (the sound) all the resources are part of the same actor. This 1 actor (the sound) takes different forms and aspects and formats : electronic, visual, gesture, etc… The goal it’s to talk about the construction of the individuality and the contrast between the individuality and the creation of the concept of the society-collective. The conflict between me and the others.

4 -What is your ideal setup for live

I use a laptop with Max/MSP and a patch created by me : patch Sistema Musical Interactiu Holofonic ». Then i use a sound card where I connect my microphones and contact microphones ;I use different controllers to create a physical interaction between gestures and the sound result.